Meet Farrel

meet farrel debaltzo she is chayil zack debaltzo biscuit debaltzoI’m Farrel, I’m 36 years old, and I live in East Texas. Originally from this area, I moved to Florida in late 2015 to be closer to my now-husband, Zack, and spent two years in paradise before bringing him home with me in October of 2017.

My absolute favorite thing to do is to travel to different parts of the world and experience life the way others do. I was bitten by the traveling bug at the wee age of eight when I began visiting my granddad’s vacation home in Arizona with my family, and since then, I have been to most of the contiguous States, Alaska, and Hawaii, and outside of the country to Australia, England, Canada, and Mexico. I can’t think of a single place I would refuse to go, but both mine and Zack’s current number one Bucket List destination is Israel. To walk, talk, and celebrate where our Savior did would be so incredibly surreal. One day! I also enjoy studying God’s Word with a cup of hot echinacea tea and the brightest pens I can find in hand, live music, reading, playing piano, and college football (HOOK ‘EM!)…But my happiest place is spending time with my love, our 15-year-old Ewok-dog, Biscuit, and the people who mean most to me.

meet farrel debaltzo she is chayil zack debaltzo cystic fibrosisWhat you would never know by simply seeing me is that I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic terminal illness that primarily affects the respiratory and digestive systems of only 70,000 people worldwide…And one that my parents were told would take my life by age 8. To date, the average life expectancy of CF patients is 41 years old. There is no cure.

Zack, also born with Cystic Fibrosis, has been a CrossFit certified trainer since he moved to Florida in 2013. Currently, he is in the process of building a men’s fitness group that focuses not only on physical fitness, but also on sharing time in God’s Word and on uncovering the importance of true Biblical masculinity at home. (He’s pretty stinkin’ rad, y’all.) We met randomly in a Facebook Cystic Fibrosis forum in October of 2014; Met for the first time in July of 2015; And we were married in July of 2016, on our one-year anniversary, on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Together, we advocate for living the abundant life with faith, food, fitness, and LOVE. It is our goal, God-willing, to spend as many years as He gives us defying the odds, and proving that love really is the cure for everything.

meet farrel debaltzo she is chayil love you more than lifeAs an aspiring author, I am slowly, but surely, meandering my way through writing three books at the moment: The first, my memoir, is a powerful story of love, grace, and redemption from a life almost lost that I hope will encourage everyone whose path it crosses; The second, in its very beginning stages, is a devotional geared toward leading women with chronic illness to find their identity in Christ and not their disease; and the third, also in its very beginning stages, is a current diary-style testament to God’s healing power in His children. My why is simple: To introduce a bruised and broken world to the One whose amazing grace saved a wretch like me. He has gifted me with an incredible passion for writing and communication that I enjoy using to share who He is to me with others, and it’s my hope that my story of forgiveness and healing will uplift those around me, spread love in a darkening world, and most importantly, glorify His holy Name ♥

“If one person breathes easier because I lived, I will have succeeded.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson –