Soon after my diagnosis at three months old, my mom took it upon herself to dive headfirst into nutrition, realizing that if she fueled my body in a way that would more efficiently combat infection, then scarring and damage to my lungs might not progress as rapidly.

She began by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and mixing that in with my baby formula instead of milk or water, then continued to raise me on a consistent diet of lean proteins, low glycemic complex carbs, just about every vegetable known to man and healthy fats such as almonds and avocados. Most importantly, sugar was kept at bay until I wandered into my first Skittles experience at a birthday party at age five and even after that, it was rarely allowed. As a result, I never struggled with weight or digestive issues growing up and my lung functions remained over 100% until I was 18.

Everything was trial and error for her and everything was recorded into journals that she has used over the course of my lifetime to pass her knowledge along to me. Although I admittedly fell off the bandwagon through most of my twenties, in October 2014 I was at a point when I had been either hospitalized or on home IVs every three months for over two years and I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So I began shifting my focus to cleaning up my diet again. January 2015 was my last stint on IV antibiotics and my lung functions have held steady around 85% since, which I attribute to God’s grace and my mom’s tireless efforts of educating me on how to properly fuel my body.

I absolutely love food and I love sharing the healthy, delicious and practical recipes that Zack and I experiment with others, especially the chronic illness community. I personally feel that our dietitians do not properly educate patients on how to choose food that heals them from the inside out; Too often, the focus is on calories and grams of fat instead of actual nutrition. My hope is to not only help others make better choices than the ones we are often presented with, but give them somewhere to start as well!