Identity Crisis

My biggest question to you today is: What is your identity? Where is the line between who we are and what happens to us really drawn?

Reckless Love

Don’t feel sorry for us...Stand ringside with us. Pray us through the valleys. Rejoice with us on the mountaintops. And come to find out for yourself that faith, hope, and love truly cure all.

I Surrender All

The sweet irony of surrender is that the more we commit to walking as Christ did and the more we submit to letting Father God accomplish His plans through our lives, the more outrageously unshackled we become.

If My People…

While our culture is screaming that the most pointless thing we could do right now is to pray…PRAY. And then stand up and do something - What He tells us to.

The Greatest Lie

The greatest lie that the devil ever pulled off is not only convincing the world he doesn’t exist, but that his attributes are our Father’s.


I implore you…Next time you leap to defend abortion because you believe it’s up to us to decide who is worth life and death…Think of me.

I Refuse to Sink

I don't know what I would do without my support group, but I do know that they are a huge part of why I will always refuse to sink.